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Is it really possible to get help for bunions without surgery?

Most bunions can be helped if you commit to the process. For bunion relief, know the causes of bunions and make a long-term plan for change. This is the goal of the work in my San Antonio natural health clinic and in my Primal Diet – Modern Health podcasts. Fix the cause as well as the symptom!

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I'm often asked about the differences between fish oil and cod liver oil. Which is best? Both have anti-inflammatory EPA-DHA, but there's more to know before buying.

Eating oily fish such as wild salmon and sardines twice a week is important but it makes sense to supplement a small amount of Omega 3's as well.

So, Fish Oil or Cod Liver Oil? One thing is true for both. Quality counts! The brand, the processing method and the type of fish all matter.

For more information see

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COVID Loss of Taste and Smell

Loss of smell and taste can be strong early warnings of infection, perhaps more important than fever or low oxygen. If your taste and smell suddenly disappear, get tested immediately and isolate.

Studies such as this one from the European Journal of Neurology confirm these are Covid symptoms.

Many patients report recovery of smell and taste quickly with “light” cases of Covid. Others report slower recovery. Can Zinc help recovery from the illness as well as these symptoms?


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Managing Herpes without prescription medications is what I do for my own health and with Clients. The right combination of herbs, amino acids, diet and stress management can work in both acute and recurring infections.

The Herpes family is a large one and includes HSV1, HSV2, Shingles, Epstein Barr and ChickenPox (among others). Having struggled with all of these except HSV1 I have learned how to manage them without medications.

More Information

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One of the diet rules we all “know” is that salt is bad for us.  So why is real salt so important?  Can it be a key to health recovery?

Salt was one of the earliest trade items and helped establish trade routes and villages all over the world.  It was often used as money.

Salt was traditionally used to preserve food.  It’s value was in allowing meats and vegetables to be salted and stored for later consumption, a huge advantage over having to hunt and gather fresh food all the time. Neanderthals mined salt, as well as ancient Chinese.

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Do Carbs and Candida cause weight gain?

Calories from excess Carbohydrates is usually the reason for weight gain. Barring severely low Thyroid function or genetic disorders, it’s the carbs that cause Candida, Metabolic Syndrome, pre-diabetes, Diabetes Type II, Obesity, and all their side effects.

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What are the causes of hypothyroidism? Is it the thyroid gland itself, another endocrine gland, estrogen dominance or illness?

Is low thyroid the problem or the symptom?

This is THE key question in a functional wellness practice

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Is Alzheimer’s Diabetes of the brain?  Alzheimer’s has been called Diabetes Type 3 for more than a decade. Numerous studies are ongoing worldwide.

This is great news for those wanting to protect the brain, despite their gene status. There is much you can do, at home, every day, to protect yourself from dementia.

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When to take Bioidentical Hormones? This is a frequent question from my Clients. Who should take them? Does every post-menopausal woman need them? If so, which hormones are good and which to avoid?

First differentiate between Bioidentical Hormones and Synthetic hormones.

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For most people, no. It's common to have EBV Antibodies. EBV is Mono, an infectious Virus many of us got when younger. For some people, it is now "Reactivated Epstein Barr" where the virus may have become a top priority, or is one of several concurrent immune challenges.

The questions are: how high are your antibodies and is the virus causing your health issues or just another symptom of being run down?



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A Paleo Elimination Diet is useful to look for food intolerances and digestive issues. But foods can also cause a wide variety of symptoms: rashes, throat clearing, snoring, reflux, pain in various areas of the body and more.

More information

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Heart disease and cholesterol science evidence says that heart disease is both more complex and more simple than eating (or not eating) bacon and eggs.

Cholesterol does NOT cause heart disease. Many, many independent studies confirm this. This article explains how even the USDA agreed with this in 2015.

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It’s time to be an entrepreneur in our new economy. Things won’t be “normal” for a long time but there are many ways to earn spending money and maybe create bigger things for the future.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was young, creating multiple businesses, large and small. I imported and sold leather clothing from Spain in the 70’s, owned the largest dinnerware and cookware store in the Southeast in the 70’s and 80’s, and opened a chain of retail alterations and monogram stores that became a franchise in the mid-80’s.

In 1989 I became a Clinical Nutritionist and later opened my San Antonio natural health center, office suites and meeting rooms.

How did I create such diverse businesses?

It was my ability to see a niche and act to fill it

You can do this too.


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Ferritin measures the amount of iron stored in the body outside of the red blood cells. Women with no menstrual cycles can accumulate iron in joints, veins, the heart, pancreas and liver. This can cause joint pain, diabetes, hypertension, strokes, hypothyroidism, hair loss, weight gain/weight loss, cardiovascular irregularities and much more.

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Proponents of alkaline diets and alkaline water get it wrong. Why aren’t pH altered waters and “alkaline” diets the cure-all we’ve been told?

My view on pH is based on hard-earned personal knowledge, working to regain my health.

Here’s what I’ve learned…

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I'm always looking for natural ways to help anxiety and stress. Both in myself and with clients.

If you're stuck at home waiting for a virus, or another life issue has you struggling and fearful, you're dealing with acute anxiety. But many of us deal with chronic anxiety as well.

I was in my 50's before I finally realized I'd been struggling with anxiety all my life but never recognized it. That shocked me so much I decided to see if others were experiencing unacknowledged anxiety, and if so, offer natural help for reducing anxiety.

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Preventative support for virus and flu is different from what to do if you get sick. The better your health the better your recovery. Don't take Echinacea or other immune boosters when you are well. It can cause problems. Save it for when/if you get sick. 

People with chronic respiratory issues, especially older people in less than optimal health or on immune-suppressant drugs seem to be more at risk for Corona. But the virus can take hold of anyone with a weakened immune system.


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Are bone broth and collagen safe with Herpes or Epstein Barr viruses? If you are using collagen powder or bone broth for your daily soup or smoothie you may be making a mistake.

Broth and Collagen can be excellent protein choices when you are well. But if you struggle with recurring Herpes, Shingles or EBV these protein foods feed Retroviruses with high Arginine.

More on Website

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A large 2019 study found heavy metals in baby foods. Dozens of well-known brands and products were tested. Arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury were found in 95% of the 13 types of products tested: cereals, snack foods, fruits, juices and vegetables.

Smaller tests have been run but this was a large study of 168 products in 61 brands. "Healthy Babies Bright Futures" study was published in Consumer Reports and many industry journals in October 2019.

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Genetic iron overload is greatly under-diagnosed. Males over 30 and post-menopausal females may accumulate dangerous amounts of iron in body tissues and never know it. It may be the cause of joint pain, heart disease, liver disease, impotence, diabetes, low immunity and more.

1 in 100 - 200 Americans have the complete genetic mutation for Hemochromatosis. 1 in 9 of European descent may be gene carriers.

Are YOU the ONE in the room? 


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I’ve recently started topical Walkabout Emu Oil for skin and vaginal comfort. I take the capsules daily for Vitamin K2 and Omega 3’s but had never used it topically until recently. I was treating Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and needed some pain and inflammation support. But what was safe to use there? AH!  Of course, my trusty Walkabout…

Full notes here

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Sensory Overload can cause fatigue, inability to fight infections, and poor digestion. It can contribute to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and painful muscle tension too.

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The adrenal and thyroid connection is often missed by doctors checking only the thyroid. Understanding how these glands affect each other helps you address adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism at the same time.

The goal of all natural health care is to resolve the cause of the problem, not just the symptom. If you’re treating your thyroid lab numbers but not checking adrenal function you may be missing something!

More Info

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Understand lipids and cholesterol with Chris Masterjohn. Take a plunge into the chemistry of arteries, fats, the island nations of Polynesia and much more. Masterjohn writes and podcasts on all things lipid plus a huge variety of nutritional science topics.

Like many of us in wellness, Chris began to study human nutrition after a health challenge - a frightening foray into veganism. Severe anxiety disorders and a cholesterol plunge to 106 sent him to the Weston Price Foundation for answers. Fats, a lot of fats, especially saturated fats, changed his life.

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Mouth taping for dry mouth, CPAP and snoring is my topic on this Primal Diet - Modern Health podcast with Nicholas Michalak. I don't use a CPAP machine and I don't mouth breathe during the day but I learned years ago I was mouth breathing at night. I've been taping my mouth at night ever since.


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What is Regenerative Grazing? How does soil affect climate, and how do cows and other ruminants have such an important role to play?

In this Primal Diet - Modern Health podcast I speak with Judith Schwartz, author of one of my favorite books, to expand on these topics. "Cows Save the Planet" subtitles include: "Unmaking the deserts, rethinking climate change, bringing back biodiversity, and restoring nutrients to our food".

Whew! That's a lot but Judith makes it readable and clear. Highly recommended for science students and the rest of us who think eating less meat helps the environment.

But factory fed meats and feedlots are indeed part of the problem. The wastes of corn and soy fed cattle are collected in huge lagoons, an anaerobic breeding place for methane gases.

Grass fed ruminants (cattle, bison, sheep, deer, giraffe, camels, antelopes) chew their cud. They have split hooves which, when on pasture, mix waste, rain and saliva into the soil, fertilize it and aerate it. 

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Here’s 10 simple reasons for chronic fatigue. Get your energy back!

Low energy and fatigue are common complaints in my clinic. The causes can be complex or simple. People often focus on one extreme or the other – either one supplement “should” fix it all, or it must be a serious illness. It will be a combination of things and it’s your job to fix them. Your doctor cannot do these for you!

Self-experimentation and self-observation are key, along with good advice on where to start. Do one thing at a time and watch for changes. If you’re feeling well one day and poorly the next, what did you do differently? Keep track to find your own top causes of fatigue.  


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My secret reason why Keto is popular? My ideas may make you laugh or may make you mad, but hey it's just a blog, right?

I've always started new clients with a hard look at diet rather than selling supplements and lab tests. "Food First" is my "Primal Diet - Modern Health" podcast motto. Clients may rebel and just want pills, but the goal is to FIX problems, not take people's money for a month or two while they continue to eat and live badly.


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I have decades of personal experience with the best and worst foods for Herpes. With Primary Immunodeficiency, my immune system is genetically low. Even with weekly Gamma Globulin infusions I have to watch for Herpes food triggers. 

Full notes HERE

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Using these herbs for natural allergy support can change your life. Effective and safe, you won't need traditional anti-histamines or harmful steroids.

Full notes Here

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Before listing intermittent fasting pros and cons for women, first realize there is no single definition of Intermittent Fasting.

Full Story

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I use castor oil for dry eye relief. I'm prone to red itchy eyes, Blepharitis and crusty specks on my eyelashes when I wake up. I had my eye doctor check for erosion of the cornea or bacterial infection, then I began using increased EPA/DHA, warm compresses, eye massage (see below) and castor oil for my dry eyes. This also works for Demodex lash infection. 

Full Show notes at

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The Gut-Adrenal connection with Michael Ruscio. The #1 cause of adrenal fatigue may be poor gut health, as Cortisol levels and fatigue may be unrelated if gut inflammation is present.

Dr. Ruscio spoke with me about other surprising areas where gut health affects us. Hormones, immune, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, depression and bacterial imbalances are all affected by inflammation in the gut. Fiber and Probiotics may not be right for us and we talk about why.


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Serve freeze dried foods for healthier cats, reduce vet bills and have happier cats. Freeze-dried cat foods cost more per serving but can change your cat's life. Don't let them suffer kidney failure, UTI's, obesity and scruffy coats. 

Full Notes

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In "The Dental Diet", Dr. Steven Lin writes on dental health for babies and toddlers and the wonders of the oral Microbiome. Lin gives terrific info on the health of your airway, tongue, jaws and gut. In this fast-moving Primal Diet - Modern Health podcast we talk about the role of Vitamin K2, how Weston A . Price changed nutrition and dentistry, and how to help your kids grow better jaws to hold straight teeth with fewer braces and extractions.

And more....

Full Story

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Lies My Doctor Told Me" - book review and podcast with Dr. Ken Berry. This helpful book covers 17 "Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health". Berry questioned his conventional medical training when he tried to lose weight. He cut saturated fats, started jogging, ate more whole grains and promptly gained 10 more pounds. 

He found Robb Wolf's "The Paleo Solution" and Mark Sisson's "The Primal Blueprint" and hasn't looked back.

"Lies My Doctor Told Me" covers 17 topics. We discuss 8 in this Primal Diet - Modern Health Podcast. (Find over 135 of my other podcasts here or on my website). Thanks for listening and find Dr. Berry's book here on Amazon

Full Notes can be found at

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Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome with food, and go for a lasting resolution.  If you have diarrhea, oily stools, gas or gut pain, my version of the Elimination Diet and Low Fodmaps Diet for IBS is worth a try.


IBS at its simplest is just two things: incomplete digestion and improper absorption of food (they're different). Inflammation of the gut and yeast or bacterial overgrowth are part of IBS. They may have started after antibiotics. Or from a lifetime of grains and sugars...

Elimination diets such as Low FODMAPS, GAPS, Paleo and The Specific Carbohydrate Diet all help but I never found any of them to achieve the permanent improvement you need. My diet combines parts from all four. Try it on whatever digestive or bowel issue you have.  (See below for exceptions).  

More Information at Website

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Can eggs cause Gallbladder Problems? Yes! I have seen many client's digestive and Gallbladder symptoms improve after eliminating eggs.

What Does the Gallbladder Do?

The liver makes bile and sends it to the Gallbladder tucked under the liver. It concentrates and stores bile until needed to digest fats in your food.

The Gallbladder is connected to the top of the small intestine (the Duodenum) by a bile duct. As you eat, the gallbladder pumps bile through the duct and into the intestine, emulsifying fats for digestion by the enzyme Lipase. These fats carry the fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, K and E throughout the body. 

Gallbladder/Biliary Dysfunction

There are ducts in the liver bringing bile to the Gallbladder as well as the duct going from the Gallbladder to the Small Intestine. All of this can become inflamed and congested with bacteria, cholesterol, stones, and other waxy substances ("sludge"). This is often overlooked by patients and doctors who don't monitor the biliary system until a gall bladder attack sets off a crisis. It may be too late to save the Gallbladder if the blockage or number of stones is too great. Doctors often remove the Gallbladder even when the blockage is not that bad, and will say you don't really need your Gallbladder and can eat whatever you want once it's gone. 

If possible, take it as a warning, get the facts, and change your diet ASAP. You need that Gallbladder! Removing the Gallbladder may not remove the actual cause of the problem. It may not be the Gallbladder's fault it became congested.

Full Post at


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Latin American Paleo Cooking is a terrific new book of authentic Latin foods using Paleo substitutes for flour and sugar. You'll find plantains, cassava flour, potato, coconut flour, tapioca starch and more.

Author Amanda Torres (The Curious Coconut) adapted her Puerto Rican mother-in-law's family recipes to a Paleo-safe diet. Amanda holds a Masters in Neuroscience and used Paleo foods and lifestyle principles to lose 80 pounds and recover from IBS and the auto-immune skin disorder H.S. 

Having found Tara Grant's wonderful book on this disorder ("The Hidden Plague") Amanda was inspired to go Keto, heal her Leaky Gut and get her immune system under control. But she missed those Latin foods! (Listen to my podcast with Tara Grant on healing autoimmune disorders with diet awareness here).

"Latin American Paleo Cooking" has 80 recipes without grains or dairy and most are Autoimmune Paleo adapted. 

Starchy roots, tubers, and fruits make the dough for the many types of fritters, pancakes and turnovers featured here. There are desserts too but go easy on the starches and sugars... They're high in calories and may not digest well if you have issues with starchy carbs.

Try some of these: Garlic Lime Shredded Chicken; Fried Plantain Sandwich on page 72 (pictured here), Queso Blanco on page 170 - white "cheese" made from Amanda's secret ingredients. It melts and stretches like regular Latin Queso! It's used in 9 recipes.

For dessert, try the Coconut Milk Pudding or the "Rice" Pudding made from Yucca.  Chapters include Quick and Easy; Fiesta Foods; Family Dinners; The Essentials, and more. 

Ingredients are available in Latin Grocery stores as well as online. Enjoy!

Full Post

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The correct supplements for adrenal fatigue changed my life more than once. First diagnosed with low cortisol after a heat stroke in 1987, I fell to almost complete adrenal failure in 2001 after severe Epstein Barr Virus.

My goal has always been to repair the adrenals, not just take things for fatigue. I never went on the steroids I was told I'd need. I took rebuilding supplements and made changes in my life.    

Want more energy? REPAIR the Adrenals and Thyroid. Don't overcome "fatigue" with coffee or other stimulants. Here's some very personal tips and supplements for adrenal fatigue repair.  

5 Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue 

  1. Passion Flower calms body and mind to help you sleep, focus, and overcome anxiety. To repair the adrenals you have to fix the "wired" before you fix the "tired".
  2. Licorice makes Cortisol last longer. You want this kind from Amazon, not this one with Glycyrrhizzin removed. That works for reflux and ulcers. Or get Licorice tincture to add to your water during the day (don't take it after 5 PM). 
  3. Adrenal Cortex is different from Adrenal Glandulars. I sell this one in my online store. It's derived only from the inner Adrenal Cortex and no outer Adrenal Medulla like regular glandulars have. The Medulla makes Epinephrine, so regular glandulars can make you speedy. 
  4. Systemic Formulas Ga - Adrenal is the #2 product in my clinic and online store (after D3 Complete with K2). This 40 year old product was designed by a master Herbalist. It worked for me in the 80's and still works today. It's ideal at 3 PM - or take as desired. It's not a stimulant but will lift you gently out of fatigue. It works well with Premier Adaptogen, packaged together here
  5. B Vitamins may help. Try a mix of Phosphorylated B's plus MTHF like this one.

5 Tips for Adrenal Fatigue Repair

  1. Sleep. Nap. Meditate. You cannot fix fatigue until you stop overwork, worry and lack of sleep. Calming yourself is the best way to have more energy. In addition to the Passion Flower above, add some Systemic Formulas N3 - Relaxa day and/or night. Try both before bed, during the night if you're restless, or take in the daytime to stay calm.
  2. Stop Caffeine. Beating up the adrenals will not help them repair!
  3. Keep blood sugar stable. The adrenals play a huge role in blood sugar management. Give them a break with more proteins, fats and vegetables and a lot less starchy carbs or sugar. Eat on a schedule. Here's my DVD on "The Diet For Human Beings". 
  4. Get lab facts! Test both the thyroid and the adrenals to know which (or both) need help. Test - don't guess. This article has tons more about saliva testing. This has some quick tests you can do at home. Here's how to test your thyroid properly, even when your doctor thinks TSH is sufficient.
  5. Acknowledge it's your responsibility to take charge of your life. No one else can make your life calmer and happier. Trust me - I worked myself into the Hospital twice before I learned to "Grow Up"!

Blog Posts with more info

What I do for Chronic Adrenal Fatigue here

10 Reasons for Chronic Fatigue here

Top 5 Supplements for Stress and Fatigue here

The Hidden Link Between Thyroid and Adrenal Problems here

Test Adrenal Function at Home here

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Prevent adrenal fatigue, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion with real salt to keep you hydrated. Himalayan or Sun-Dried Solar salts are essential to electrolyte balance. (See my Electrolyte Hydration Drink below). Water alone will not hydrate you. In fact....

Too much plain water can flush away your minerals 

With adrenal fatigue, we tend to excrete salt and be somewhat dehydrated since the cells can't hold water without salt.  If you then become overheated, you can experience heat exhaustion or, even worse, heat stroke from the dehydration.

The reverse is true too. If you have had heat exhaustion, it can damage your adrenals and lead to chronic fatigue.

I know this -- it happened to me.

Heat never bothered me until I did the 6-Day Course - similar to the old Outward Bound program. Spend a few days conquering your fears by jumping off cliffs with a zip-line, running uphill, and various physical and mental exertions. Crowded bunk cabins had no A/C and bathrooms were far away. Water was not encouraged nor was salt.

The Adirondacks were in a heat wave that summer but there was no reduction in activities. I got severely dehydrated, overheated from exercise and hot cabins, and stopped sweating. I began to hallucinate and had to leave the Course. 

Over the next 2 weeks, my Adrenals crashed. I lost 13 pounds of muscle which I never got back. (Cortisol is strongly connected with muscle function). I have struggled with low Cortisol and chronic fatigue ever since. I still can't sweat and must restrict many outdoor activities.

My Electrolyte ReHydration Drink 

Fill a bottle 2/3 rd's full of Spring or Mineral water, or reverse-osmosis water (NO alkalized water). Top with 100% Organic Juice. 

Add 3 large pinches of Himalayan Salt, about a tsp., or some Salt Sole. 

Shake and drink after sweating.

Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

  • A change in sweating is a key symptom. If you are hot and stop sweating you are headed for heat stroke
  • You feel overheated or disoriented
  • Flushed red skin
  • Throbbing head or nausea
  • Your temperature elevates as high as 105 

Heat Exhaustion can wipe you out for weeks. Heat Stroke can kill you.

What to do if you suspect Heat Stroke 

  1. Quickly get body temperature down. Find shade and drench with water, or get into water.
  2. Drink water slowly, with 2 tsps. added salt and some kind of sugar such as fruit juice or actual sugar (see below).
  3. Call 911 for an IV saline solution and cooling body packs.
  4. Find a fan!

Who is susceptible to Adrenal Fatigue and Heat Stroke?

Everyone! Playing sports, hiking, gardening, sitting in saunas or by the pool can all cause critical overheating. The elderly, ill and those on diuretics are less able to handle heat.

Swimming is a common cause of dehydration. Hot sun, active play... You're sweating even though you don't realize it. 

Preventing Heat Exhaustion and Adrenal Fatigue

The adrenals regulate sodium, potassium , calcium and magnesium - the 4 key electrolytes. If you're overheated, the adrenals burn out trying to keep sodium and potassium in balance. Supporting your adrenals now can prevent heat exhaustion. I have many articles on the adrenals and adrenal support products in my online store such as this one and this one. Test and treat your adrenals!

A craving for salt is a common symptom of low adrenal function. I use fine ground Himalayan Salt like this one generously on my food and add it to my water in the Texas summer - maybe 1/4 tsp. several times a day. Or make a salt sole (So-Lay) - the briny liquid mixes quickly in water.

Avoid commercial white salt. It is highly processed and contains additives that make it hard to absorb. Choose Himalayan or Sun-Dried Sea Salt. And stay cool!

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Choosing safer sunscreen? Avoid synthetic chemicals that absorb through the skin, get correct protection, and soak up some Vitamin D while you're at it. Here's how, including numerous links at the bottom of the page...

Five types of sunscreens

1). Organic Filters: synthetic chemical combos that absorb sun's radiation, preventing it from entering the skin. Here's a case where the word "organic" is bad.

2). Traditional Mineral Sunscreens reflect damaging rays. Most include zinc oxide or titanium oxide. They appear white on the skin since they reflect light.

3). Nano-Mineral sunscreens have tiny nano-particles of zinc and titanium oxide. Their safety is questioned as they may penetrate the skin, but they're still safer than organic filters.

4). Clothes and shade work well!

5). Healthy skin burns less. The Paleo Diet may change your tanning future.

Sunscreen ingredients to avoid

  • Oxybenzone is common in commercial sunscreens. Linked to elevated estrogen, endometriosis and allergic reactions. 
  • Retinyl Palmitate is a form of Vitamin A linked to skin tumors and lesions. It doesn't "help" sunscreen protection. Avoid it.
  • Spray sunscreen is too easy to inhale. Use topicals.
  • High SPF's only protect against UVB burning rays. They don't block UVA rays that age the skin, affect your immune system and promote skin cancer. You're not safe just because you aren't burning.
  • Parabens and PABA
  • Sunscreen/bug repellant combos - too many unpronounceable ingredients!

Are Mineral Sunscreens Safer?

In general, yes. But commercial brands of zinc and titanium sunscreens may still contain chemicals in the lotion. If you can't pronounce it, don't use it.

Many brands now use BOTH chemical and mineral filters. Read those labels or use the EWG sunscreen guide below.

Read the Rest On the Website

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Avoiding hidden gluten? Avoiding gluten in bread is easy, but you need help to find the rest of it.

Whether you’re Celiac, gluten-sensitive, or eating Ancestral or Paleo, finding hidden exposure to gluten can be life-changing. It was for me – breathing a tiny bit of oat dust in my pony’s feed was enough to keep my Celiac antibodies elevated.  

Perhaps even more important? The impact your gluten can have on others. Help enlighten friends and family with this article.

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Taping your mouth at night improves the microbiome of the mouth and gut, increases energy, improves sleep, snoring, and allergies, and calms anxiety. I've been mouth taping at night for 15 years!

This Primal Diet - Modern Health podcast gives details on how and why to tape and other ideas to reduce snoring and allergies. The info is here in this blog post as well. 

Key Concept: The mouth is for eating. The nose is for breathing. Taping your mouth at night is the natural and correct way your body wants to breathe

When we snore or breathe through the mouth we deplete carbon dioxide - an essential blood gas that needs to be in balance with oxygen. Slowing the breath and breathing through the nose help increase carbon dioxide and can improve whole body chemistry.

Topics I cover on this Podcast:

  1. Why you get deeper sleep and less snoring
  2. How taping your mouth can improve asthma and allergies
  3. Improving dental health and breath
  4. Achieving a calmer mind 
  5. The benefits of Nitric Oxide and Carbon Dioxide
  6. How to tape

Links to things I mention:

  • Treat your allergies with Quercitin or D-Hist, and homeopathic Histaminum. Handle the allergens in your environment too, such as the cat that sleeps on your pillow. More on allergies here
  • If you have a chronic sinus infection Nutribiotic Nasal Spray may help.
  • Here’s a podcast I did with the world’s top trainer of Buteyko Breathing. It’s really helpful to learn more about how breathing affects your life! Especially if you snore or have asthma... 
  • 3M Micropore tape on Amazon
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Are you using Functional Medicine to get well? Working with a practitioner who takes the time to review your lifestyle and food, and run better labs that give deeper insights? Do you and your provider have the same point of view - that everything you do, your living environment, your genetics, your emotions and your Microbiome all affect you?

In this podcast with Susan Blum, MD our topic is using Functional Medicine to get well. We talk about genetics, Nature and Nurture, elimination diets, the power of Silence, and that keyword - inflammation.

Whether your practitioner calls themselves Functional, Integrative, Holistic or Naturopathic, the goal is to change your future as well as your present. 

Topics we cover in this Primal Diet - Modern Health podcast 

  • WHY is my issue occurring and what can be done to fix the cause, not the symptom?
  • What is "whole person medicine?"
  • Why random supplements won't fix you
  • How to be a good patient

Links to things Dr. Susan Blum mentions

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Walkabout Emu Oil is a completely unique superfood. Genetically unique male emu live on this oil for 54 days sitting full-time on the eggs. It's their only nutrition!
These emus are not ordinary breeds harvested for meat, cosmetic oil or feathers. They are carefully raised to produce this amazing Omega 3, 7 and 9 oil rich in Vitamin K2.

Walkabout Emu Oil facts

  1. Emu Oil is the richest natural source of Vitamin K2 MK-4 in the world. K2 places calcium in the body where it needs to go and can remove it from arteries, bone spurs and arthritic joints. 
  2. The abundant Omega fats in Emu Oil replace fish oil. Yay!
  3. As a completely whole food it contains many other nutrients in their natural form.
Listen in to my Primal Diet - Modern Health podcast with Dr. Will Schlinsog, the exclusive importer of Walkabout Emu Oil with his wife Elizabeth.

Highlights of this podcast on Walkabout Emu Oil

  • Emu Oil is a potent anti-inflammatory, useful for gut inflammation, skin disorders and auto-immune issues of all types
  • It took 20 years of breeding to get this emu species right!
  • 4 caps daily with food provide 1 tsp. of oil
  • How to use it topically for muscle pain, fractures and adding to kid's food 
  • Excellent for heart disease caused by calcification of arteries
  • Nothing is added - nothing is removed

Links to things mentioned in this podcast

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The Wahls Protocol Cooking For Life book review and podcast highlights unique food and well-organized eating plans. Excellent nutrient-dense recipes and lifestyle suggestions support autoimmune or other chronic health issues. This is the third podcast I’ve done with Dr. Wahls. Find others here and here. Wahls neatly offers 3 levels of the Wahls Diet for... Keep Reading >

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Here’s a fun Wired to Eat book review with Robb Wolf and his interview with Beverly Meyer. It’s a Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast chat with all the scoop on Robb and his second book. Robb talks about his health history and his time as a Vegan struggling with Ulcerative Colitis. Then his breakthrough by... Keep Reading >

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Why is Rosita Cod Liver Oil so good for you? Here’s the story! Rosita was founded by Archie Welch, co-founder of offering products for the Autism Spectrum. His concern over reports of digestive stress and illness with Green Pasture Fermented Cod Oil led him to Norway and the rediscovery of ancient methods for harvesting Cod... Keep Reading >

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“Heal Your Pain Now” is a new kind of pain resolution book. Joe Tatta is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a foundation in the Paleo Diet. He has several chapters on diet, then on movement, managing your mind and how perception affects healing.  There are easy recipes and multiple supplement suggestions.  Available here on... Keep Reading >

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What are the best grains for Gluten Free Diets or Paleo? Here’s my experience choosing from the grains and pseudo-grains to see what digests best for me. The trick is preparing them exactly right to improve digestibility. If you’ve been Grain Free, Gluten Free or Paleo for a while, you may find yourself craving grains. But... Keep Reading >

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Take charge of stress with this Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast on 5 calming herbs for sleep, stress and anxiety.  When we get tense. angry or fearful, we don’t sleep well. Calming herbs have been used for 1000’s of years for relaxing, sleep, pain and nervous energy. Learn to use them daily for a... Keep Reading >

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The Thyroid Adrenal Connection is a popular topic on my blog and now there’s a Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast on this hidden connection. If tired adrenals cause low thyroid function, it’s important to fix the adrenals before starting thyroid hormone.  Both the thyroid and the adrenal glands are regulated by the Pituitary and... Keep Reading >

The post The Thyroid Adrenal Connection: Who’s Controlling Who? appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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  Here’s “The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook” book review and my Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast with authors Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt. With 5 auto-immune disorders between them, Mickey and Angie share their successes and lifestyle tips for living well with chronic illness.  Autoimmune disorders can be hard to diagnose and medical solutions are limited.... Keep Reading >

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The Paleo Thyroid Solution book review and podcast has clinical details not found in most thyroid books or doctor’s offices. Primal Blueprint Podcaster Elle Russ shares her history of unique thyroid problems and explains thyroid function and treatment options in detail. Hypothyroidism affects 10 times more women than men and can be misdiagnosed as many... Keep Reading >

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This Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast features Beverly talking about the dangers of Testosterone for women and men, and how to dose and test it. There is no FDA approved Testosterone for women. Studies are sketchy and conflicting. Women make very little Testosterone so it’s hard to test it correctly, although you can measure... Keep Reading >

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Understand thyroid toxins, nutrients and goitrogens and their effects on thyroid function. The thyroid is highly sensitive to certain foods, heavy metals and chemicals that displace Iodine or disrupt the manufacture or conversion of T4 hormone and the active T3.  Here’s some of the topics on this Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast: How mercury... Keep Reading >

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Leaky Gut Symptoms, Causes and Tests. Leaky Gut plays a huge role in autoimmune disorders and chronic health issues. It is both a cause and an effect of illness and food intolerance.  What causes Leaky Gut Syndrome? What are the symptoms? Is there a reliable Leaky Gut test? What is the role of foods such... Keep Reading >

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Beat belly bloat and get to the cause of your gut discomfort. Here’s 10 specific causes of a bloated belly and steps to take to get it under control. Fasts and detox diets may work for a few days but if the underlying issue is not found, the problem has not been fixed. Go for... Keep Reading >

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Here’s Herpes and Shingles help for these painful viruses that impact our social life. Certain Paleo-friendly foods have a huge effect on feeding these viruses. Avoiding certain nuts and seeds is critical and perhaps gelatin as well. Did you know that bone broth is high in Arginine, the opposite of the essential amino Lysine which... Keep Reading >

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Blood pressure myths may prevent you from fixing the cause of your hypertension. For one, is your pressure high enough to need medication? Normal pressure was 170/98 until the 1970’s. Now we’re told to keep it under 140 or 120, with the help of a lifetime of drugs.  Blood pressure rises in response to stress,... Keep Reading >

The post Blood Pressure Myths and Lies: Primal Diet Modern Health Podcast appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Mark Sisson joins me on Primal Diet – Modern Health to talk about fitness over 40, especially for women in their 40’s and 50’s. We’ve got plenty of other topics too. Standing desk chairs? Body composition on Paleo? Amount of carbs for maintenance after weight loss? Yep! Mark explains WHY fitness over 40 so important.... Keep Reading >

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Does cholesterol cause heart disease? Scientists and health professionals have said “NO” for 50 years. The USDA finally agrees! The previously recommended 300 mg. a day cholesterol limit (the amount in one egg and 1 cup of chicken) was quietly removed from the 2015 Dietary Guidelines. The government acknowledged there is no link between cholesterol and... Keep Reading >

The post Does Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease? The USDA Finally Says No! appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Could you have a Calcium deficiency on Paleo?  Ask yourself this – are you actually eating 3 cups of collards or kale every day?  And a tin of sardines with bones? If not, you could have a Calcium deficiency even with Paleo foods. Here’s why, and here’s a list of the few calcium-rich foods we... Keep Reading >

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Vitamin D is a powerful nutrient that can save your life. Vitamin D benefits for depression, cancer, heart disease and gene regulation are proven in many research studies. In this Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast, I discuss testing Vitamin D annually, ideal lab ranges, and why you never take Vitamin D by itself.  Other... Keep Reading >

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Chris Kelly of Nourish Balance Thrive joins me in this Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast on how to balance your Microbiome bacteria. We talk about SIBO testing, Organic Acids urine testing, proper stool testing and how to get good and bad gut bacteria in balance on a Paleo Diet.  Chris mentions helpful plant foods that... Keep Reading >

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I recently wrote two great blog posts on nutrient dense smoothies. Here’s a Low Carb Paleo Smoothies podcast to go with them. These are recipe-free versions of the old juice and fruit smoothie. They won’t crash your blood sugar! Thick and rich, you eat these Paleo Smoothie Bowls with a spoon. I’ll share my list... Keep Reading >

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Tony Wrighton is an author, NLP coach and popular sports broadcaster in the UK. His podcast slogan is Zestology: Live Life with Energy, Vitality and Motivation.   Tony was a successful author and sports personality and had learned Neuro Linguistic Programming at the highest level when he contracted a virulent virus in 2014. He spent months... Keep Reading >

The post Tony Wrighton on Zestology, Self-Hypnosis and the Alpha State appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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“The Domestic Man” Russ Crandall has a Paleo friendly book based on takeout favorites.  There’s Asian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and American foods you’ll recognize and love.  “Paleo Takeout” is packed with “restaurant favorites without the junk”. With a history of a stroke in his early 20’s, an autoimmune disorder and an active Navy career, how... Keep Reading >

The post Paleo Takeout with Russ Crandall appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Remove Stress: Don’t Manage It!  Adam Farrah explains this useful distinction in our Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast. Following Tim Ferris’s 80/20 Rule, Adam talks about upgrading the 20% we do that brings 80% of our results. And shares how he gets through recovery from illness with help from Yoga, Meditation and Medical Marijuana.... Keep Reading >

The post Adam Farrah on Yoga, Meditation and Medical Marijuana appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Looking for natural help for Candida? Want to understand Candida symptoms and treatment options?    My interview with Dr. Lauren Noel covers prevention and treatment of Candida and its toxic metabolites which can cause long-term health problems.  Noel is known as Dr. Lo to her radio listeners and to patients in her California clinic. (See... Keep Reading >

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Need answers for Fibromyalgia?  Here’s 5 common causes of Fibromyalgia and the many types of pain and dysfunction seen with it. Fibromyalgia is a complex syndrome, often involving fatigue and hormone problems as well as pain.  It can manifest in different ways for different people, and can change from day to day.  Research over the... Keep Reading >

The post 5 Common Causes of Fibromyalgia appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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There’s dozens of secrets of coconut oil on the show today! A highly digestible fat rich in Lauric Acid, coconut oil is a useful tool for ketogenic diets, whole body energy, pets, infection and body care.  In this Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast, Jessica Espinoza of Delicious Obsessions shares her journey with Keto and how... Keep Reading >

The post Secrets of Coconut Oil with Jessica Espinoza appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses Roundup linked to Celiac and Autism in an interview with Beverly Meyer for Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast.  We talk about Roundup effects on sulfur detoxification, leaky gut, the brain and cholesterol.  And much more! Dr. Seneff is a Senior Researcher at MIT studying correlations in the rise of both Celiac Disease and Autism... Keep Reading >

The post Roundup Linked To Celiac and Autism: Interview With Stephanie Seneff appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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This podcast on Vitamin K2 for heart, bones and teeth highlights what may be the missing link in your health.   K2 works with Vitamins A, D and E to manage the placement of calcium in the body.  If you take Vitamin D and don’t take Vitamin K2, you may be contributing to hardening of the arteries,... Keep Reading >

The post Vitamin K2 For Heart, Bones and Teeth: Podcast appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Food cravings are important indicators of health and nutrient status.  Help stop food cravings by understanding what you’re craving and why!  Not all food cravings are for junk food. Listen in to learn what your appetite for different foods can teach you. Listen to Primal Diet – Modern Health with Beverly Meyer Click here to... Keep Reading >

The post Help Stop Food Cravings: Podcast appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Are you waking up too early in the morning?  As a restless sleeper for many years, I’ve helped myself and many clients change this pattern.  Here’s some of my topics on this Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast on sleep: How much to eat for dinner Are late night snacks helpful? Beverages to avoid at... Keep Reading >

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Here’s an update on the Terry Wahls protocol for autoimmune disorders, and an in-depth podcast interview with Terry and Beverly. Have you followed Dr. Wahls and her journey in reversing M.S.?   It’s an amazing story and so hopeful for all of us with chronic health issues. The new updated paperback of “The Wahls Protocol”... Keep Reading >

The post Update on Terry Wahls Protocol appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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There’s help for managing your mind in this free-flowing podcast with Evan Brand and Beverly. I talk with Evan about having to change my life (and health) and learning to manage my thinking. When I became too run down to work for a while, I spent time observing the decisions and worries in my mind.... Keep Reading >

The post Managing Your Mind: Evan Brand of Not Just Paleo Interviews Beverly appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Living with an autoimmune disorder?  Let’s talk about The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott and see what you can do to reverse it. It may be hard to believe, but it is absolutely possible to change your future.  Thousands of us have done it, and with nothing more “medical” than eating great food and making... Keep Reading >

The post Get Cooking and Get Well With The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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I sat spellbound in my car listening to Andrew Lawler, author of a meaty new book on the complete story of the chicken. How did an Asian jungle pheasant become the world’s most populous bird?  Why did it travel to Rome, England, and the Southern United States?  How did Queen Victoria start a riot of... Keep Reading >

The post Why Did The Chicken Cross The World And Become A Global Superstar? appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Tony Federico podcasts for Paleo Magazine and is the author of “Paleo Grilling” cookbook.  I turn the microphone around on a fellow podcaster here and talk with Tony about his passions and history.   In addition to podcasting for Paleo Magazine, Tony writes for the magazine under the “I Inspire” byline and the “Business Spotlight”.... Keep Reading >

The post Get to Know Tony Federico for Food and Fitness appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Raw, extra virgin, Rosita cod liver oil is a completely new product.  It’s so new, it’s 1000’s of years old. Rosita Cod Liver Oil is not “fermented”.   It’s light gold in color, with a gentle taste of freshly sautéed fish.  It doesn’t burn the throat or cause digestive problems. It’s a superior, non-rancid product... Keep Reading >

The post New Rosita Cod Liver Oil is Actually Fresh and Raw appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Want to simply be human?  Mark Rogers Simply Human Lifestyle website and podcasts coach us in the Four Pillars of the Simply Human Lifestyle. This podcast is a good primer for newcomers wanting to learn how to Eat, Sleep, Move, and Enjoy Life like real humans, not the over-stressed selves we want to leave behind. It’s... Keep Reading >

The post Mark Rogers Simply Human Lifestyle appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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How do Candida and excess hormones prevent weight loss?  I’m here on MelissaCurtis’s show about weight and health for women over 40.  She writes and podcasts at her Fat To Fit: My Quest website. I shared with Melissa my belief that losing weight is never the body’s priority.  It may be your personal priority, but the body... Keep Reading >

The post Melissa Curtis Interviews Beverly: Candida and Hormones Preventing Weight Loss appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Delicious Obsessions is one of my favorite blogs! Anything you want to know about gluten free Real Food and Healthy Living can be found here, including recipes, DIY advice and hundreds of articles and guest posts from Jessica and many health and food experts. Jessica’s passion is developing recipes for foods and self-care products. They’re... Keep Reading >

The post Delicious Obsessions With Jessica Espinoza appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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“Mediterranean Paleo Cooking” gets my vote for the 2014 cookbook of the year.  The combined knowledge of a classically trained Algerian chef (Nabil Boumrar) and his Holistic Nutritionist wife (Caitlin Weeks) is a total win.   Add in Diane Sanfilippo (Practical Paleo, Balanced Bites) as book designer and photographer, and you’ve got something great! As... Keep Reading >

The post Mediterranean Paleo Cooking: Book Review and Interview With Grass Fed Girl appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Earthing for health! Kick off your shoes and restock your most depleted nutrient, anti-inflammatory electrons from the earth! Research on elite athletes, diabetics, heart patients and arthritis patients confirms negatively charged electrons improve circulation, thin sticky blood and renew the rhythms of cortisol and other hormones.  I had a fascinating conversation with Martin Zucker, author... Keep Reading >

The post Earthing For Health: Book Review and Interview with Martin Zucker appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Here’s an excellent step by step guide on how to prepare fermented foods at home. It includes all the hows and whys of homemade Ketchup, Mayo, Chutney, Kimchee, Kefir, Kraut and more… Enjoy these highlights from my interview with author Lisa Herndon (see podcast link below or on my iTunes page). This is the second... Keep Reading >

The post How To Prepare Fermented Foods: Book Review and Interview With Lisa Herndon appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Pure Indian Foods ghee is a fifth-generation Indian business, now run in the United States.  My interview with owner Sandeep Agarwal talks about this amazing substance, its history, uses, and the different ghee products made by Pure Indian Foods. To listen in, the podcast link is on my iTunes page or there’s a player at... Keep Reading >

The post Pure Indian Foods Ghee: Great Products and an Interesting Interview appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Gelatin and collagen supplements play an important health recovery role in the Paleo Diet, GAPS Diet or Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  Long known for improving hair, skin and nails, gelatin has been commercially available since the 1920’s. The terms collagen and gelatin can be used interchangeably when talking about supplements. Here’s what I learned in doing... Keep Reading >

The post Understanding Gelatin and Collagen Supplements appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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I spoke with Dr. Rubin Naiman on treating insomnia naturally, and looking at the meaning of sleep, dreams, sleep medications, and the effects of modern lifestyle on sleeping.  Sounds like a pretty normal conversation so far, right? But surprises await!   Dr. Naiman has a unique background, and his approach to sleep may fascinate you.... Keep Reading >

The post Rubin Naiman on Treating Insomnia Naturally appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Evan Brand from NotJustPaleo joins me for some friendly rivalry in this fun interview.  The mission? List and compare our choices for Seven Aspects of a Paleo Lifestyle.  The result?  Paleo Lifestyle 101! The right kind of exercise and a Paleo Diet are givens, so we couldn’t include them in our lists.  What else matters... Keep Reading >

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The link between leaky gut and autoimmune disorders has been proposed by scientists and health providers for decades.  The whole idea of a “leaky gut” is one idea behind the natural foods movement in general, and the Paleo Diet and Gaps Diet in particular. I recently wrote about Leaky Gut and some of the supplements... Keep Reading >

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Sarah Fragoso and family have travelled overseas to learn authentic cuisines (first in Italy) and now in Thailand, sharing their adventures with the rest of us. I talked with Sarah about her newest book, Everyday Paleo Thai Cuisine, which has great food and just-right travel stories. With a mission to learn the special foods and techniques... Keep Reading >

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We have Paleo books for men’s issues, women’s issues, exercise and children.  What’s missing?  Leslie Klenke and her book for the paleo girl. This podcast interview with Klenke delivers a straight-through look at the book.  If you think your teen might not read this excellent book, offer them the podcast instead. (See the play link below or... Keep Reading >

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Want to know how to sleep better? Here’s ten natural sleep aids you can use tonight.   Listen to my recorded podcast on sleep too if you can. There’s much more in the podcast than I can write here….  The link to this iTunes show is at the bottom of the page. Overcoming sleep deprivation... Keep Reading >

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Ben Greenfield is a super-athlete and super-coach.  He knows about fitness, health, food and fat-burning. And he has great podcasts. I asked him on my Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast to talk to the rest of us:  the not-so-super exercisers who need help getting started.  The tired and overweight who can’t get a start.... Keep Reading >

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Denise Minger is the force behind the amazing blog RawFoodSOS (Rescuing Good Health from Bad Science).  After reading her new book, I was happy to do a Death by Food Pyramid book review and an interview on my Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast. Her detailed reviews of The China Study and the film “Forks Over... Keep Reading >

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